The summary of January Events 2019 Held by LaSalle College Surabaya

January Events 2019 by LaSalle College Surabaya

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February 11, 2019

Welcoming the New Year 2019, LaSalle College Surabaya is proud to present the January Events. Through these events, LaSalle College Surabaya strives to be able to improve both brand image and create brand awareness at the same time. Through these events, the participants received various information through talk shows, workshops and useful demonstrations.

The following are various January Event that was successfully held by LaSalle College Surabaya:

14 January 2019 – No Tears Make Up (Workshop)

16 January 2019 – Draping In Styles (Workshop)

21 January 2019 – Worry Free Make Up (Talk show and Demo)

23 January 2019 – Shape of You (Fashion Figure Drawing Workshop)

26 January 2019 – Mozaic Tile Workshop 

28 January 2019 – Mashup Mix (Fashion Styling Talkshow)

30 January 2019 – Stop and Stare (Fashion Show)

All events are successfully held in Food society Pakuwon Mall Surabaya. Big Thank You to the sponsors who participated in and supported this January Events, including; 

• MAKE OVER Cosmetics
• Quds Textile 
• Faber-Castell
• Venus Tiles and Monalisa Tiles 
• SUNNE, ODD MOD, ein. and TND
• Wardah Cosmetics

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