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Interior Decorating Certificate

Certificate | Interior Decorating Certificate

Interior Decorating Certificate

This program meets the needs of you who have interest in interior decorating. This 8-month course will introduce you with the basic knowledge on how to be interior decorator. During the study, you will collaborate with companies and real projects.

Interior Decorating program offers 8 month intensive course.
  • Studio class with A0 size drafting table.
  • Drawing class with A1 size drawing table.
  • Computer lab (MAC and PC with CAD and 3D programs)
  • Material and samples lab
  • Window display area for design application.
Interior Decorating certificate
  • Describe and apply design theory in principal application, color theories, and visual composition, as well as functional considerations of living interior space.
  • Able to develop two- and three-dimensional design elements with thematic design planning, spaces configuration and applied interior style consideration.
  • Making plan, design, and manipulate an interior layout with interior finishes and materials selected, furniture and fixtures chosen, as well as appropriate decorative element and accessories.
  • Visualize design in illustrated drawing and computer drawing program to develop visual exploration of aethetic sense of interior framework.
  • To become interior decorator profesional, outline the career opportunities and identify typical job responsibilities in interior design related fields.

Term 1

  • Interior Decorating I - Residential
  • Design Theme and Interior Styles
  • Interior Finishes and Material
  • Drawing for Decorating
  • Color Theory and Practice

Term 2

  • Interior Decorating II - Commercial
  • Professional Practice for Interior Decorating
  • 3D Organizational design
  • Visual communication & présentation skill  (3D computer)
  • Furniture and Interior Fixtures