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Certificate | Buyer Certificate

Buyer Certificate

The buying profession consists of selecting and purchasing all kinds of fashion products to suit the needs of the market. Designed for students who enjoy a challenge, this one-year certificate program trains students or professionals in analyzing a product’s profit-earning capacity and  making decisions that will influence consumer buying power.

These courses are taught by top-notch professionals abreast of the latest fashion trends and provide students with the skills required to select the right merchandising for their store, analyze and predict market trends, and evaluate consumer and sales patterns.

As a buyer, you will have significant input in understanding fabrics characteristics and styling in order to create a saleable collection. Having a strong historical and socio-cultural also help you transforming designer’s vision into reality and mass-produced it in local and international scale.


The Bachelor Level (D4) in Fashion Merchandising can be completed in 3 year full-time study.

  • Research style and materials
  • Discover the history of fashion fascinated in fashion and love to pursue the business
  • Forecast future fashion trends
  • Analyze the fashion markets and product
  • Practice promotional, advertising and public relation activity
  • Creative visual presentation of merchandise
  • Administer a budget and oversee finances
  • Manage, train and motivate personnel
  • A workshop for visual presentation
  • A window display preparation area
  • A large drawing & illustration room
  • A garment window display area
  • Fashion Merchandiser
  • Fashion Marketer (Fashion Promotion Specialist)
  • Fashion Coordinator
  • Fashion Editor
  • Brand Manager
  • Retail Store Manager (Boutique Manager)
  • Boutique Owner
  • Visual Display Artist

Term 1

  • Fashion Phenomena
  • Study & Analysis of Fibres and Textiles
  • Introduction to Fashion Marketing
  • Introduction to Accounting Principles

Term 2

  • Buying of Fashion Product
  • Environment & Consuming
  • Budgetary Planning
  • Private Label Development

Term 3

  • Textile Evaluation for a Fashion Product
  • Stock Management
  • Private Label Management

Term 4

  • Financial Management in Fashion Industry
  • Approach to Planning
  • Import – Export
  • Integration in the Workplace II