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Interior Design Bachelor Degree

Bachelor | Interior Design Bachelor Degree

Interior Design Bachelor Degree

Our bachelor program has been accredited by DIKTI, allowing students to study the theory and design practice. From the basic color theory, visual language to be able to do research on cultural, social, environmental and aesthetic components in contemporary way.

It also leads student to be able to create trend by applying local culture for global market. Finally, it prepares students to pursue their professional career in interior design.

Interior Design bachelor program offers full time course
  • Design development in functional and aesthetical for interior space
  • Space planning and ergonomic dimension for interior configuration
  • Develop color sensitivity in composition and applied design
  • Drafting standard for technical application in architectural drawing
  • Knowledge in material and finishing for interior and furniture application
  • Visualized and illustrated design hand-drawing skill and computerized program (CAD, Sketch-up & 3D max)
  • Conceptual thinking for three-dimensional composition
  • History of design, applied art and architecture for style, decoration and accessories.
  • Contemporary development and sustainable design approach for interior space
  • Professional practice in portfolio development and project management
  • Active in Exhibition, fieldtrip and company visit and workshop
  • Able to do proper research and academic writing
  • Studio class with A0 size drafting table.
  • Drawing class with A1 size drawing table.
  • Computer lab (MAC and PC)
  • Material and samples lab
  • Window display area for design application.
S1 Desain Interior (Bachelor of Interior Design)

Term 1

  • Observation Drawing
  • Visual Language I
  • Space Planning and Ergonomic Design
  • Color Theory and Practice
  • Agama
  • Kewarganegaraan
  • Pancasila

Term 2

  • Interior Design I
  • Technical Drawing I
  • Visual Language II
  • Drawing and Rendering
  • Interior Material and Finishes I
  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • Bahasa Inggris I

Term 3

  • Interior Design II
  • Technical Drawing II
  • Interior Material and Finishes II
  • History of Interior Design I
  • 3D Vizualisation I
  • Indonesian Art and Design

Term 4

  • Interior Design III
  • Architectural Drawing I
  • Computer Aided- Design I
  • History of Interior Design II
  • Furniture Design I
  • Lighting

Term 5

  • Cultural and Contemporary Design
  • Interior Design IV
  • Architectural Drawing II
  • Computer Aided-Design II
  • Furniture Design II
  • Three Dimensional Organization

Term 6

  • Interior Design V
  • Architectural Drawing III
  • 3D Vizualisation II
  • Portfolio Development
  • Furniture and Accessories

Term 7

  • Internship Program
  • Professional Practice
  • Research Methodology

Term 8

  • Seminar and Design
  • Pshycology of Interior Design
  • Pre-thesis (Proposal)
  • Semester 9
  • Final Thesis