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Interior Design Certificate

Certificate | Interior Design Certificate

Interior Design Certificate

Our certificate program offers a fast course for you who are willing to learn about interior design. Within a year you will be able to design residential and commercial projects, starting to learn the basic elements and principles of design, design history and finally be able to design a furniture , create a plan in Auto-Cad and learn how to make 3D renderings.

The Certificate in Interior Design Program can be completed in 1 year of full-time or 2 years of part-time study.

Upon completion of the Interior Design Program, graduates will be able to work in the following positions:

  • Interior Designer
  • Interior Decorator
  • Furniture Designer
  • Furniture and Accesories Specialist
  • Drafter
  • Lighting Designer
  • Exhibition Designer
  • A1 Size drafting boards and drafting machines in a fully equipped drafting room
  • A large drawing and illustration Room
Interior Design Certificate
  • Learn how to design functional and aesthetic residential and commercial spaces which respect the client’s needs, standards and constraints.
  • Learn how to use sketches to illustrate a concept.
  • Develop drawing and rendering skills.
  • Develop colour sensitivity, and create colour harmonies and apply them to specific situations.
  • Become acquainted with drawing technical plans for your designs (using a drafting table and computer).
  • Identify and recognize important periods in the evolution of interior spaces throughout history.
  • Understand and specify the different materials and finishes.
  • Acquire an understanding of the techniques of furniture construction.
  • Develop skills in drawing interior architecture taking graphics conventions, construction standards and project-specific constraints into account.
  • Produce an interior plan in two- and three-dimensional drawing using AutoCAD.
  • Learn how to create a professional project presentation.
  • Acquire an understanding of various aspects of entrepreneurship, such as how to set up a business, the resources needed for success and the services available.

Term 1

  • Visual Language I
  • Technical Drawing I
  • Interior Design I
  • Drawing Observation
  • Interior Finishes and Material I
  • Color Theory and Practice
  • Space planning and Ergonomic Design

Term 2

  • Interior Design II
  • History of Interior Design I
  • Technical Drawing II
  • 3D Visualization I
  • Drawing and Rendering
  • Visual Language II

Term 3 

  • Furniture Design I
  • History of Interior Design II
  • Interior Finishes and Material II
  • Lighting