LaSalle College Jakarta Virtual Fashion Show 'ELEMENTUM' at JFW 2021
LaSalle College Jakarta x JFW 2022

See Here! Virtual Fashion Show 'PROLUSIO' at JFW 2022

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November 26, 2021

Let’s Join for the largest and most prestigious Virtual Fashion Show in Jakarta. This event is collaborating with 14 Fashion Designers from LaSalle College Jakarta, in the annual Jakarta Fashion Show (JFW) 2022


LaSalle College Jakarta will feature talented Designers:

  1. Novia Tjanggah
  2. Theresia Ferensy Refra
  3. Graciela Tiara Kusno
  4. Nadya Oktaviani Budinarta
  5. Reni Kosgoro Moe
  6. Nethania Andreana
  7. Audreen Sibastian Goni
  8. Mia Fatmasari
  9. Karen Christy Jong
  10. Jessy Saphira
  11. Britania Angeli Tambuwun
  12. Bianca Benita
  13. Verent Tantony
  14. Jessenia Laurinda



Mark your Calendar!

Friday, 26th November 2021
16:00 WIB — End

Youtube LaSalle College | Indonesia

(Link Stream will be shared for those who have registered)

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