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Bachelor Level (D4) in Fashion Design

Bachelor | Bachelor Level (D4) in Fashion Design

Bachelor Level (D4) in Fashion Design

In the Sekolah Tinggi Desain LaSalle Bachelor Level (D4) in Fashion Design Program, the artistic design and practical (production) side of fashion is balanced with essential knowledge and training in brand development, fashion communication, management, accounting and quality control.

Students design and produce original and innovative collections through concept research and trend research; integrating predetermined criteria and based on well-informed decisions in relation to the business side. The theoretical lectures provide students with awareness in fashion history and society, but also in textiles and trend-analysis, which in turn supports their development in becoming a successful fashion designer.

Program Content

The course curriculum is a reflection of the diversity of the fashion industry and is designed to give students a relevant and broad understanding of the local and international fashion market; and awareness of technological, environmental, and social issues involved; as well as developing their ability to express their individuality in design.

With state of the art equipment and facilities; strong ties with the industry; lecturers with extensive experience in the field, and a strong curriculum, the fashion design program at Sekolah Tinggi LaSalle is the perfect study path for every aspiring designer.


The Bachelor Level (D4) in Fashion Design can be completed in 3 year full-time study.

  • Study of figure anatomy and modern fashion illustration techniques.
  • Style evaluation by draping.
  • Sewing techniques and other decorative and constructive application methods.
  • Study of color and composition.
  • Study of garment technical drawing and terminology.
  • Prediction of future trends and composition of garment collections.
  • Study of target market and collection marketing strategies.
  • Participation in international fashion design contests.
  • Computer-assisted pattern making and technical drawing techniques.
  • Organization of a fashion show and participation in promotional and public relations activities.
  • Portfolio development.
  • Fashion Designer in Apparel or Couture
  • Head of a Design Team
  • Head Patternmaker
  • Fashion Stylist
  • Fashion Illustrator
  • Fashion Consultant & Specialist
  • Costume Designer for Music Video’s, TV, Movies & Theatre
  • Fashion Journalist and Blogger

Bachelor Level (D4)

  • Sewing rooms, draping rooms, drafting rooms, patternmaking tables and fashion production workshop, knitting class
  • Computer facilities for patternmaking and fashion illustration
  • One sewing machine per student, pressing and steaming equipment
  • Illustration and Drawing tables
  • High quality draping mannequins
  • Computer lab for CAD Programs and Plotter
  • Library of comprehensive fashion design, fashion business and other design books and periodicals and magazines
  • Library of textiles and fabrics
  • A garment window display area
  • Multi Function area for seminars and lectures

Term 1

  • Composition of Simple Garments
  • Assembling Principles of Simple Garments
  • Graphic Process Application and Visual Presentation
  • Study and Utilization of Raw Materials
  • Bahasa Inggris I

Term 2

  • Composition of Various Garments
  • Assembling Principles of Various Garments
  • Fashion Concepts
  • Fashion Phenomena
  • Research of Raw Materials for the Production of Garments
  • Bahasa Inggris II

Term 3

  • Composition of Elaborated Garment
  • Garment Feasibility
  • Style Research by Draping
  • Research of Distinct Fashion Concepts
  • Fashion and Society
  • Bahasa Indonesia

 Term 3

  • Composition of Elaborated Garment
  • Garment Feasibility
  • Style Research by Draping
  • Research of Distinct Fashion Concepts
  • Fashion and Society
  • Bahasa Indonesia

Term 4

  • Detailed Planning and Prototypes
  • Technical Files Elaboration
  • Style Evaluation by Draping
  • Defining Characteristics of A Collection
  • Trend Analysis and Presentation
  • Agama

Term 5

  • Collection Elaboration and Prototypes
  • Evaluation of Garments
  • Producing Collection Plan
  • Garments Production
  • Kewarganegaraan

 Term 6

  • Collections for Target Markets
  • Presentation and Evaluation of Collections
  • Garment Construction and Computer
  • Fashion Promotion

Term 7

  • Portfolio Elaboration
  • Work Task Management
  • Fashion Product Development
  • Akuntansi dan Pembiayaan Usaha
  • Mekanisasi Garmen

Term  8

  • Buying and selling products and services
  • Planning and Production
  • Lingkungan dan Perilaku Konsumen
  • Manajemen Inventori
  • Kontrol Kualitas

Term 9

  • Final Project