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March 6, 2017
Tuesday, 14th February was a day for love---and a blast of a party for the teachers, complete with coffee dispensers and sushi boxes.
Love is in the air—and it is not only affection amongst admirers, but also the respect and gratitude we have for our beloved teachers. The BEM students were stuck in a whirlwind of activities, from playing cupid for students receiving gifts from secret admirers, to hosting a party exclusive for the teachers

The atmosphere thickened by noon, as teachers flock down to the ground floor, where an assortment of sushi delicacies and two Starbucks dispensers sat waiting. After a hearty lunch, the student council invited Ms Shirley for an opening speech, soon followed by the giveaway of the “Favorite Teacher” (voted by students via Omnivox) prizes to the respective winners of each department: Ms. Jennifer Agrilla for Fashion Design, Ms. Rini Ida Lestari for Fashion Business, Mr. Teddy Suteja for Digital Media Design, Ms. Suryanty Thoeng for Photography, Ms. Pracista Prameswari for Interior Design, and Mr. Adi Wahono for Artistic Make-up.  Cue the cheers and hoots!

     Mr. Teddy Suteja won the Favorite Teacher Award for the Digital Media Design department. Congratulations!

The excitement was soon followed by an ice-breaker challenge—the (in) famous Mannequin Challenge, where the teachers were to pose and stay very still as the host records a video. The teachers surely did their best, although there were occasional twitches—and a piece of food had fallen off mid-air.
With that done, the teachers settled down for the second prize-giving of the day—the Best Teacher Award, given from the college for the best-performing teachers: Mr. Agus Adhityatama from Digital Media Design, Ms. Jennifer Agrilla from Fashion Design, Ms. Rini Ida Lestari from Fashion Business, Mr. Filip Paulus from Photography, Mr. Bayu Prasetyo from Interior Design, and Ms. Cindy Maretta from Artistic Make Up. Congratulations!

     Mr Bayu Prasetyo won the best teacher award for Interior Design department. Congratulations!


     Ms Cindy Maretta won the best teacher award for Artistic Make Up department. Congratulations!
Even amongst the teacher, the college picked the best amongst the best for the Teacher Excellence Award. And the winner was….

Congratulations, Mr. Bayu!

As the party comes to a close, the BEM members began distributing gifts to every one of the teacher, a sign of gratitude for all that they had done for the students. And as the teachers left, class resumed as normal—aside from the BEM students visiting classes and passing students to hand them a Valentine cookie. It was truly a day of love, indeed!

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