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Participated in the Jakarta Fashion Week 2016

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October 22, 2018

SYMB/OSIS was the ninth show for LaSalle College Jakarta to contribute in annual prestigious fashion event: Jakarta Fashion Week. This event was a great platform for our Fashion Design and Fashion Business Program students to promote their brand to the fashion communities and the public.

There are 9 talented designers:

Bella Fransisca @bellafransisca

Sitcky Situation collection was inspired by the power of the words that people often forget. This collection focuses on office wear where sticky notes are very much present. The shapes of sticky notes, and the color scheme mixed with the fabric circle around semi wool, stripes and light weight fabrics. The treatments of the collection are of; colorful beadings from plastic maps that people use to organize files with hand cut specifically according to the measurement of a rectangular sticky note, chain stitch embroidery to write down the words into the clothes and fabric printing of colorful swatches of sticky notes.

Fidelia Inetta Lius @fideliainetta

Her brand design, Fillie had a mission to make apparels with fairytale essence, bold patterns, strong colors and unique fabric treatments. Fillie comes from ‘filly’, meaning a stylish young women. She developed Final Capsule Collection of 4 looks dedicated to the “Unification” of Peru culture and Timor-NTT culture. The main fabric is Kain Buna with many varieties of colors and unique pattern, combine with Denim, high quality canvas with a little touch of light weight fabric and Alpaca (iconic animal from Peru) embroidery to represent the feminine looks of this collection.

Ervina Michelle Liem @ervinamichelle

Liem Collection was chosen because of her close relationship with family. She combined 2 of her muses, which are her late Mama and Tegel Kunci of Jogja. She created a more flowy and easy silhouette where you can see the shifting look from day countryside inspired wear, to city evening wear. Various fabric treatments such as hand embroidery, printing, beadings and also patching can be seen in this collection to provide a representation of elegance, simplicity and enthusiastic demeanor of her Mama.

Maria Nathania Tjuhanda @maria.nath

Her ‘ROARING 20s’ collection fascinated by variety of music, the crooner era of jazz. The designs are inspired by the glamorous and strong flapper women in 1920s; the luxurious complemented with creative beadings with contemporary, minimalist mid-length cut of the silhouette that will be completed with flowy fabric to add flapper effect to the collection. Also having a touch of fur and rich beading emphasizing the glamorous and richness of women in 1920s.

Rashesa Sabrina @rashesabrina

DELA GOSI was a collection that wants to illustrate the figure of fashionable woman. This collection using combination of denim fabric with silk-woven fabric from Sengkang, South Sulawesi. The name Lagosi is taken from the name of village in South Sulawesi. In this collection, the motif Lagosi has a characteristic with large flowers, and the other motif, Bombang, identified with a zigzag line which is interpreted as an ocean waves.

Christi Erning @christierning

The first collection from Christi Erning brings the theme ‘Genesis 1:25’, a scriptural reference on the birth of the first human on earth. The collection takes a deep dive unto the stages of a fetus until birth becoming an infant. Sheer and unstructured fabrics are chosen to represent the delicacy of child-birth. A finishing touch of paint to recreate the nudity every child’s early days in the hospital.

Putri Mudita @putrimudita

Inspired by Athena of Yunani myth, Putri Mudita with her Bridal & Couture Collection was shown a new way of a party gown that trying to speaking to the audience of the brave and brilliant side of women in the feminine and elegant way. Putri said, Athena, a powerful woman and the Goddess of war was a true portrait of a modern woman should be.

Prasomya Santika @prasomya

Populux by Prasomya Santika is set to be embraced as new luxury, inspired by the urban architectural and art form of mid century 1950’s era. Work wear utility and bold shapes are key components towards minimalist and contemporary feel. Lines and proportion also has the key element towards the silhouette of the collection. While clean and neutral colors remain to be the staple of the collection; textural contrast are elevated with mix of stiff compact cottons, lightweight velvet, and coated foiling treatments. An elegant balance of feminine along with effortless luxury in relaxed shapes.

Selviana @selphieusagi

Euclid is a father of geometry, the reason of geometric patterned fabrics that Selphie use in this collection. This explains all the drapery details and silhouette of every gown, which resembles chiton, peplos, and himation as the clothing of Hellenistic era in Greece. With this collection, Selphie has goals to be renowned and glorious for her brand, just like the meaning behind of Euclid’s name.

Congratulations for the amazing show! And we would like to thank you for everyone who participates by coming to the show, and also for the sponsors and media press. ❤

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