Singapore Design Trip 2018
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Singapore Design Trip 2018

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March 16, 2018
On March, 9th-11th, 2018, Interior Design Department held a design trip to Singapore. The purpose of this trip was to visit Singapore Design Week regarding interior design, furniture and architecture’s event.

9 March 2018
Students arrived on Friday, 09 March 2018 at 12.00 and went to EDL Euro straight away. EDL Euro is a HPL (High Pressure Laminate) company from Europe which provides a great quality product. They were greeted by Ms. Siaw Tiang and the team. The team then gave presentation and guided all the students around the showroom. The most interesting part was that the students had the chance to meet directly with the worker at the workshop, to see how they apply the HPL to plywood.

After visiting EDL, students went to WOHA Architects and Design Consultant to hear the presentation from one of the designers who apparently is Indonesian, Mr. Sofwan. The presentation was about planning and how to develop concept at WOHA, starting from research, survey until design development and details. They also highlighted green design and sustainable development on each of their projects.

10 March 2018

On 10 March 2018 morning, ID students went to National Art Gallery Singapore to explore the arts and paintings. They had the event of century light, arts from Romanticism, Impressionism and Neo-Impressionism era, by Musee D’Orsay, from Eugene Delacroix (Romanticism), and artist from Indonesia, Raden Saleh, Edouard Manet (Impressionism), Claude Monet and Pierre- Auguste Renoir.

In the afternoon, students went to Museum Peranakan to learn about the Peranakan History in Southeast Asia and how that impacts to Art, Culture and architecture. The displays were pictures, clothing, furniture, ceramic and many more.

In the evening, they visited National Design Center to see the Singaplural exhibition. The exhibitors were your designers and contemporary designers who displayed arts, designs and installation. Student were able to see explorative ideas together with experimental and dynamic material.

11 March 2018

On the last day, students visited Furniture exhibition at IFFS (International Furniture Fair Singapore) at Singapore Expo. The exhibitors and designers were from around the worlds, Europe, Africa, America and of course Asia. From this event, student got to know the latest trend on furniture design as well as the technology, material, finishing in Furniture.

Overall, the trip was fun and of course educative. See you on our next trip!

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