Cultural trip to Semarang-Solo
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Cultural trip to Semarang-Solo

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October 11, 2016
Continuing the annual local trip for the ID student, this year, Interior design student from LaSalle College Jakarta went to Semarang-Solo to study about culture and did some research. This trip had many purposes where the entire student was able to visit furniture production factory, old buildings, workshops and many more.

On the First day, to have a fun and yet educating trip, students went to “KOTA TUA” in Semarang, they visited Gereja Blenduk, SPIEGEL restaurant and walking around the street. They made some sketches and did some observation about the buildings and ornaments.

The second day was one of the most important agendas, which they all visited FORME Factory in Semarang. They were all nicely welcomed and accompanied by the director, ibu Yani Susilowati herself to have an introduction about FORME. The factory was huge, clean and safe. The team was all nice and willing to explain about each process on furniture production. It was a great opportunity to be able to see directly and hear the explanation from the expert.


On the Third day, they were all prepared to do workshop at REMPAH RUMAH KARYA Solo, where they could create lighting from Bamboo. There are several techniques to make bamboo lighting, for example: cut, glued, tied and carved. Students could combine all the techniques or choose any to create a lamp.

After feeling satisfied with their lamps, they continued to go to local market “TRIWINDU” and “Sriwidari” garden, to get more into the local culture and traditions. Moreover, they also stayed at RUMAH TURI, which highlight the eco-friendly concept; all the students also had the chance to hear the explanation about the concept directly from the PR of Rumah Turi.

Since Solo is famous with their BATIK, students also had a BATIK workshop at Batik Omah Laweyan on the final day. It is important to experience many things as an interior designer, because inspiration is everywhere. See you on our next trip! For more pics, please check on the instagram #IDLasallejkt #culturaltrip

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