The 2019 Creative Show Themed MYTHICAL Becomes the Night of the Event to Verify the Students of LaSalle College Jakarta Graduates

LaSalle College Jakarta Creative Show 2019 MYTHICAL

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April 5, 2019

Friday, April 5th 2019 - LaSalle College | Jakarta managed to hold a 2019 Creative Show with the theme MYTHICAL. Located at The Kasablanka, South Jakarta. The students from six (6) excellent programs; Fashion Design, Fashion Business, Interior Design, Digital Media Design, Photography and Artistic Make Up which have finished completing their education, graduated with a sense of emotion and pride.

The MYTHICAL theme was chosen based on the idea of the involvement of two ancient cultures that strongly believed in myths, specifically; both Borneo Dayak and Lao Laos, which are seen from various symbols that appear in their traditional textile motifs.

"Students like the previous years were invited to go there directly to come to the museum (field trip), traditional markets and they learn directly into the village, get to know traditional craftsmen," said Ms. Shinta Djiwatampu as Program Director of Fashion Design from LaSalle College Jakarta.

One of the students who won the Best Student award in the Fashion Design Diploma 4 study program, was Edita Aurelia. Edita Aurelia herself has featured her collection at the Jakarta Fashion Week 2018, with the “Winter Wonderland” theme.

"I played lots of details with sequins and the colors were predominantly white with silhouettes with a structure made of taffeta and lace. Taking inspiration from polar animals like Polar Bear" Edita said when met at Kota Kasablanka, South Jakarta Lasalle College Jakarta.

Best Student's assessment, presented by Shinta Djiwatampu, is a student who has the best abilities and achievements, achieved from the beginning to graduation and is always ready to be the best.

In this graduation event, Lasalle College Jakarta introduced one of the newest Lasalle College Indonesia programs, the Diploma in the field of Management of Creative Industries.

Best Student / Best Portfolio / Favorite Student:

1. Artistic Makeup
-. Best Student : Fadilla Caesa
-. Best Portfolio : Vanessa Fransiska Nonski
-. Favorite Student : Indriani Mursa

2. Fashion Business
-. Best Student : Cindy Mulyadi
-. Best Enterprise Project  
Brand : LORO
Students   Balgis Novrila Maridjan
  Chelsea Chintari
  Cindy Fransisca
  Diandra Rizki Israhmaniar
-. Favorite Student : Sherryn Chandra

3. Interior Design
-. Best Student : Alicia Puspadewi Nugroho
-. Best Portfolio : Shania Jemima Athilla Tahir
-. Favorite Student : Kanda Pardomuan Butar-Butar

4. Fashion Design
-. Best Student : Edita Aurelia
-. Best Portfolio : Maria Nathania Tjuhanda
-. Favorite Student : Michelle Ko

5. Digital Media Design
-. Best Student : Alicia Kurniawan
-. Best Portfolio  : Alicia Kurniawan
-. Favorite Student  : Shania Casanda

6. Photography
-. Best Student : Kevin Helmy Ibrahim
-. Best Portfolio : Faizal Amirul

-. Favorite Student : Muhammad Juliovimo Rivai

Management of Creative Industries is a program that studies and bridges between management science and the creative field. These graduates are expected to have capable business management skills, by providing business management knowledge and skills that are tailored and appropriate to be applied to meet the unique nature of the creative industry sector.

Not only fixated on the graduation ceremony, but also the highlight of this event was closed with the festive Fashion Show, where students majoring in Fashion Design and Artistic Makeup collaborated to produce their best works, themed MYTHICAL. A total of 220 collections are displayed and divided into three (3) sub-themes; Borneo, Origin, and Indochine.

Management of Creative Industries adalah program yang mempelajari dan menjembatani antara ilmu management dan bidang kreatif. Lulusan ini diharapkan akan memiliki keterampilan manajemen bisnis yang mumpuni, dengan memberikan pengetahuan dan keterampilan manajemen bisnis yang disesuaikan serta tepat untuk diterapkan dalam memenuhi sifat unik dari sektor industri kreatif.

Tidak hanya terpaku dengan acara wisuda, puncak acara ini ditutup dengan kemeriahan Fashion Show dimana para mahasiswa jurusan Fashion Design dan Artistic Makeup berkolaborasi menghasilkan karya-karya terbaik mereka bertema MYTHICAL. Sebanyak 220 koleksi ditampilkan dan terbagi ke dalam tiga (3) sub tema; BorneoOrigin dan Indochine.


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