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How to Login Adobe Connect Pro

Connexion - Adobe Connect
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March 31, 2020
Dear students, 

Below is step by step procedure for your Adobe Connect Pro Platform 

1. Download Adobe Connect Application

o For Windows

o For Mac

2. Watch training video so you will be familiar with the Adobe Connect platform: 


3. Click the Adobe Connect link according to your Regular Day/Time/Classroom. 

The link can be found as an attachment in The MIO you received on Friday, March 27,2020 from Academic Department

4. Login as Guest and type in your Full Name, not your alias and select Enter Room

How to use Adobe Connect:

  1. In the “Meeting” drop-down menu at the top left, complete the “Audio Setup Wizard”. his will allow you to hear the person speaking and allow them to hear you once the session has started.
  2. The icon with the character who raise its hand gives (At the top left), you access to a drop-down menu to interact with your teacher.
  3. Access the conversation so that you can interact (by chatting) with your teacher during your class.
  4. Use your microphone: 
    The presenter must activate and give you access to the microphone. When the microphone icon appears next to your name, click the icon at the top of your screen and select “Connect my audio”. When both icons (microphone and speaker) are GREEN, you can talk

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