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Counselor Gathering

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July 25, 2018

On 07/25/18 LaSalle College Surabaya held a Counselor Gathering for several schools in Surabaya such as Pens Homeschooling, SMAK Frateran and several other schools.

In the event, Mr. Prana as a Campus Director of LaSalle College Surabaya gave a short seminar on "How to direct students to choose university majors" and provide an explanation of the new program in Lasalle College Surabaya, namely the Global English Program.

After that, the invited counselorswere exploring the campus so that they could explore more Lasalle College Surabaya campus. There were also a door prizes drawn at the end of the event.

The event was fun and well-done!

We thank you so much for all the supports!

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