ID collaboration with URBAN ICON
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ID collaboration with URBAN ICON

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March 9, 2017

One of our beloved lecturers, Ms. Santi Alaysius from Domisilium, who also the designers of Urban Icon created a collaboration between URBAN ICON and Interior Design students. Moreover, Matthew Mendelsohn, Marketing Advisor, Lifestyle Brands from TIME international Jakarta directly came to LaSalle to share the brief and introduction. The challenge was to design the visual merchandiser for the stores and the goal was to upgrade the merchandising quality of UI Stores and embrace the U! concept, who could help them to “pimp” focal tables in their stores. 

Lay Richie, gave his presentation.

Amanda Viveria, gave her presentation.

Angela Harun, gave her presentation.

Siti Annisa Amidha, gave her presentation.

Hendy from Urban Icon gave some inputs to our student’s project.

Ari, gave his presentation.

After the presentation, students look happy and relieved.

Group picture with Hendy and Matthew from Urban Icon as well as ms. Santi Alaysius.

Since all the final designs are great and interesting, therefore the team from Urban Icon had some difficulties to select the first winner, therefore they chose 2 of the designs from Angela Harun and Amanda Viveria. They will then be contacted by the team for further development and considerations.

Overall, this event gave the students a real experience on doing presentations in front of the clients, having some comments from different perspectives. They finally realize that in a real project, there are some many considerations, it is not just a good and beautiful design, but we need to consider the technical, budget and else.

See you on our next project!

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