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LaSalle College Jakarta 20th Anniversary

“JALINAN” Creative Show 2017

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April 7, 2017
Creative Show 2017 “JALINAN”  which also commemorates 20 years since LaSalle College Jakarta’s existence was held on Friday April 7th 2017 at Senayan City Hall on the 8th floor. With the theme’s main inspiration from North Sumatra, renowned for it’s ulos fabric, which is unique in its production process by sewing, tying, or weaving one thread to another. On this occasion LaSalle College Jakarta also showcased the 6 programs that we have (Fashion Design, Fashion Business, Interior Design, Digital Media Design, Photography dan Artistic Make Up) worked and weaved together to make “JALINAN” event success.




There are three main events, which are: showcasing the best work from programs such as Fashion Design, Interior Design, Digital Media Design, Photography, Make Up Life Installation and designer’s Bazaar from Fashion Business program, not only that there is also a Graduation Ceremony for this years graduates of LaSalle College Jakarta, featuring 252 new and upcoming designers  that are ready to showcase their works and compete on a local and international stage. 20 students also got an award from LaSalle College Jakarta, divided into 3 categories, which include:

Best Student:
-. Fashion Design : Ivana Stephani Johan
-. Fashion Business : Indara Noor Saquina
-. Interior Design : Helzeinka Igna Khalqiya
-. Digital Media Design : Kathy Liu
-. Photography : Melody Amadea Suwargiono
-. Artistic Make Up : Siem Deborah Shannon Age


Best Portfolio:
-. Fashion Design : Rashesa Putri Sabrina
-. Fashion Business : Hanna Helena Radot, Ruziqna Hilmi Panigoro, Brenda Chia
-. Interior Design : Jessica Hasan
-. Digital Media Design : Belinda Eugenia Sugianto
-. Photography : Ika Rosyanihayani
-. Artistic Make Up : Janice Etta Merlion

Favorite Student:
-. Fashion Design : Monica Ratna Sari
-. Fashion Business : Indara Noor Saquina
-. Interior Design : Siti Anisa Amidha
-. Digital Media Design : Yasmin Karenina Yapanala
-. Photography : Fransiskus Xaverius Adhika Dhananjaya
-. Artistic Make Up : Indira Vidayanti Siagian
The night was ended spectacularly by the Fashion Show from the Fashion Design program. Showcasing 221 garment that are grouped into 5 Sequence, which are: VALLEY OF THE DOLLS, PILGRIMAGE, TRANQUILITY, ARTISANAL and SYNTHESIS, there is also a special performance from Yura Yunita.




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