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October 23, 2017

As the biggest Fashion Week in Indonesia which became platforms of the Indonesian Fashion industry, Jakarta Fashion Week set the bar for the Indonesian Fashion, demonstrated the talent and creativity of fashion designers throughout Indonesia. As an International Design College, LaSalle College Jakarta continually produce young talented designers who are ready to compete in the global creative industry. This year LaSalle was back to present their 7th show in Jakarta Fashion Week which called PRELUDE 2018.

On the runway of Jakarta Fashion Week this year, LaSalle College Jakarta proudly presents nine young and aspiring designers who are going to showcase their creations, some of which happen to be the final projects of their undergraduate studies. Each of these designers has their own unique way of interpreting ideas and developing concepts.Some go with a more global take in their creative process while others incorporate more traditional values but with a relatively new approach. If a fashion designer’s collection can be likened to a music composition, then metaphorically speaking, the work of these LaSalle College Jakarta fresh designers can be considered a prelude to their future and more elaborate work. 

1. Edita Aurelia


Edita Aurelia, a fashion design student who began her study in LaSalle College Jakarta at 2015. She brings creative, innovative, and unique design, which concerned to the quality of fabrics, stitches, details and finishing, starting from the the design process to the end. She became finalist and won the Excellence award in The 25th Hempel Award China International Young Fashion Designer Contest during the Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week.

Interested in couture which inspired by nature, she developed final capsule collection of 5 looks for the “Winter Wonderland”collection, which presented in Jakarta Fashion Week 2018. “Winter Wonderland”is a handmade dominated with white collection inspired by the snow, stalactite and furry animals in the Arctic. This couture collection accentuate the stalactite inspired using beads, with a touch of lace and pompoms. 

2. Mayendra Dita


Mayenda Pebri Dita Purba is a fashion design student of LaSalle College Jakarta. MAYENDA present elegant, classic ,timeless and fashion forward pieces. My diverse line is represented by many collections which have developed from ideas to realities. My goal is to create exclusive designs that each wearer can adapt to freely express their own unique and wonderful style.

For this Jakarta Fashion Week 2018, MAYENDA showed a collection that is inspired by UIS GARA (name of traditional fabric from Batak Karo), which was toward Dramatic and Couture design. This collection paid attention to gold flower embroidery, gold foil and traditional fabric, which mainly use black, red and gold as it’s main hue, to present strong Dramatic side.

3. Rashesa Sabrina


Rashesa Putri Sabrina is a fashion design student of LaSalle College Jakarta who brings collection inspired by life experience when her father was hit by tsunami in Aceh, 2004. For this Jakarta Fashion week 2018, Rashesa showed her collection that is describe the power of the wave of tsunami which is poured in the form of patchwork and shibori technique. Also poured for beadings and cut-and-sew treatments. For color and the silhouette that she use are description of the color of the sea and the power of the wave of tsunami.

4. Regina Hema Shena


Regina Hema Shena, a fashion student from LaSalle College Jakarta. Bring creative and elegant design. Using bold color and unique touch treatment. In Jakarta Fashion Week 2018, Regina featureed a collection of her final duties entitled SENJA telling the waves on the beach at sunset. In this collection, Regina uses pleats treatment that are formed to resemble waves plus beads. The use of blue, terracota, and white is the dominant one that defines the color of the sky at sunset.

5. Devi Indriani


Devi Indriani Lesmana a fashion student from LaSalle College Jakarta made thematic designs which are displayed with various attactive treatments. On Jakarta Fashion Week 2018, Devi I. Lesmana showed a collection which is inspired from Randa Tapak flower or usually known as Dandelion. The special thing from this collection is various treatment technique applied.

First, honeycomb technique from organza fabric, smocking with the intention of making 3d effect and pompom from tulle fabric which is various kind of yellow gradation combined. This collection represents dandelion growth that is interpreted by a lot of variety blooming form with white and yellow are the main colours. 

6. Tee (teresa Christine)

Revenir à soi

A ready-to-wear label by Teresa Christine Johan, a fashion design student of LaSalle College Jakarta. Tee. strives to provide style and comfort in simple yet modern looks. For Jakarta Fashion Week 2018, Tee. presented its first ready-to-wear batik collection : Revenir à soi. The name was inspired by Tambal Sewu’s ( name of the batik used in this collection) philosophy, which means revive or to return to oneself. Tambal Sewu batik motif have the meaning of patching or fixing things that are broken.

In the course of his life, a man have to improve himself for a better life, both physically and mentally. Other than that, Revenir à soi also matched the designer’s purpose of creating this collection; Which is to revive the youngsters interest and awareness towards Indonesian traditional cultures. Shades of blue and white were used with the inspiration from Keraton Cirebon’s chinoiseries. The collection consists of a range of clean and simple cuttings to give a modern stylish vibe. 

7. Tiesva (Tiza Azzahra)


Tiesvà is a prêt-à-porter line from Tiza Azzahra Saneva. Graduated from LaSalle College Jakarta and began her career as a fashion designer for her own label when she was a student. She changed the brand name into Tiesvà in 2017. The signature design from her is fit-loose dress combined with geometrical pattern and completed with unique beads. And all of them made from traditional fabric from Indonesia. For this Jakarta Fashion Week 2018, Tiza showed her collection called L’or. L’or in French means gold.

The idea came from the traditional fabric from West Sumatra, Pandai Sikek. The produce fabric named songket, it is hand-woven fabric and intricately pattern with gold threads. L’or collection played with embroidery, ruffles, beads and different kind of finishing all in shade of orange and black, to present the femininity and the glowing side of a woman. 

8. Putri Nugreni


Putri Nugreni Jelita, a fashion student from LaSalle College Jakarta who brings elegant Evening Gown designs with a very feminine color scheme. In Jakarta Fashion Week 2018, Putri Nugreni presented the collection called Northern Kaleidoscope, inspired by Aurora Borealis for the silhouette, and the details is inspired by a beautiful scene from Rose Window in European Churches.

Putri always has an eye for fabric treatments that used on every garment. She played with drape tulle, Flounce tulle & organza, and crystal beading a symbol of rose window and aurora borealis. 

9. Selphie Usagi


Selphie Usagi, a fashion enthusiast who studies in LaSalle College International Jakarta, comes up with a new collection of wedding gowns that represents feminine side of a woman in broken white, called ‘Blanc Rose’.

In Jakarta Fashion Week 2017, Selphie Usagi showed her newest collection that is inspired by white rose, which means ‘new start’ as a step that every bride will take in her wedding day. Selphie Usagi is using the transparency of tulle fabric to represent honesty, flower laces to show feminine side, and chiffon that means gentleness; three characters that every woman should have to start her new life.

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