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ID Jogja Field Trip 2017

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September 30, 2017

On 27-30 September 2017, LaSalle College Jakarta interior design department went to Jogjakarta for a field trip. All the students and lecturers stayed at Yats Colony, a boutique hotel with a contemporary and Scandinavian design.




On the first day, all the students visited Tentrem Hotel, 5-star hotel located at Cokrodinigratan area to do some research about the interior organization, activity, room facility and other interior related that support the layout system and hotel management. They were welcomed by Ms. Rosa from Hotel Tentrem as the guide, starting from the lobby, waiting room and restaurant area. Then, Ms. Rosa showed each of the guest room, for example deluxe, premier, executive and the presidential room. Finally, all the students visited the other facilities, for example, the gift shop, spa room, ballroom and swimming pool.





In the evening, they went to Magelang area, near Borobudur to visit Amanjiwo resort, which is one of the best resort in the world. Students experienced the interior atmosphere with a semi-open area that flows well with the outside area, starting from Lobby, restaurant until the private guestroom where the design was actually inspired by the structure and element of the Borobudur temple, using natural (local) material and finishing.



On the second day, all the students went to Bantul area, to visit CV. Tashinda Putraprima, which export and manufacture handicrafts and furniture made from natural resources and tropical plants. They were welcomed by bu Yanti, one of the chairmen of Tashinda, she then gave the introduction about Tashinda’s company which now has exported all the products to the US and Europe. The most interesting thing was that students were given a workshop and assisted by the staffs on how to create simple products so they could experience and learn about how Tashinda’s process is.



At the afternoon, they continued to visit Sarasa Tegel, a company that produced Tegel flooring for the commercial interior, for example, restaurant, hotel, and resort. Mr. Heru (the owner) explained the concept and the process of Sarasa Tegel, then he showed us directly the production, starting from the coloring and basic process until the Tegel dries.


At night, they visited Abhayagiri for dinner, we chose this place because the interior and the architecture was a good representation of a traditional Jogja architecture from its structure and furniture, it was also located on a hill with Prambanan Temple and the City of Yogyakarta view.

In the evening, they go to Sambirejo Prambanan area to dinner at restaurant Abhayagiri. In addition to dinner, students can also learn Abahyagiri interior which is a representation of the traditional architecture of Jogja both from the interior structure and the furniture, restaurant Abhayagiri also located on the hill that leads to the Prambanan temple and the view of Jogjakarta city. 



On the third day of the entourage of Interior Design LaSalle departed to the tourist area Kaliurang to visit the museum Ullen Sentalu. Ullen Sentalu Museum is a contemporary museum that exhibits historical items relics from the palace Surakarta and Jogjakarta. As a contemporary museum, Ullen Ssentalu has a sequence that is different from most museums in Indonesia where the flow of visitors is directed only one path from the incoming to exit. Unfortunately, the beauty of the museum Ullen Sentalu should not be immortalized by visitors, can only from outside the museum.

In the afternoon the group headed to Sumberharjo area to visit the domes house. Rumah Domes is a rural village which is a relocation area for the victims of the earthquake of Yogyakarta in 2006. Domes house initiated by the world foundation of America with donor Ali Alabar from Abu Dhabi, specially designed for earthquake resistant and vibration resistant. The group was accepted by Mr. Sulaksmono as the manager of this domes house and explained by Mr. Sulaksmono how the early history and the development of domes house until now.


On the fourth day of the entourage of Interior Design LaSalle College Jakarta visited the Winotosastro batik house located in Prawirotaman Jogjakarta. Students learn the types of batik, see the process of batik and also do workshops to make batik motifs in cloth by using the process of wax or canting. After the batik workshop activity the entourage departed to Adisucipto Airport to return to Jakarta.



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