Interior Design student visited MODENA Experience Center
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ID student visited MODENA Experience Center

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March 17, 2017
On Friday, 17 March 2017, ID students visited MODENA experience center. The students are from Furniture & Production II where they actually have an assignment to design a kitchen set for their final exam. Moreover, Students from Semester 1 also got the chance to visit MODENA because they are having residential design project.

MODENA Experience Center, designed by one of our lecturer, Santi Alaysius.

First, BU Astri from the HR presented about overall MODENA from how it was created until now became the well-known company, having branches in other Asian countries for example Vietnam, etc.

Bu Astri from MODENA

Next, Pak Frans, the production sales, who is the kitchen designer did a presentation about SCHIFINI (import) and what are the important things while designing kitchen for example the triangle rules, materials, electricity, the water plumbing and else. He also mentioned that nowadays, the kitchen trend has changed; it became a part of the life style. We used to hide kitchen as a service area, however, now we can show it proudly with well-designed.

Question and Answer session with Pak Frans

Bu Novi from MODENA with Ms. Anita

Pak Frans from MODENA with Ms. Pracista

Finally, students got the chance to see, feel and touch all the products on the first floor, this was very interesting and enhance all the students to ask some questions regarding the design and the structure and details of the kitchen set.

This visit has opened students’ eye on the detail of kicthen set, that it was not easy, but yet very exciting and challenging. Cannot wait to see their kitchen set designs! Thank you MODENA.

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