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Fashion Nation Eleven Edition FNXI

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April 11, 2017

Jakarta – 11 April, 2017 – LaSalle College Jakarta will present a Fashion Show from Fashion Business department at Fashion Nation Eleven Edition (FNXI) at Senayan City, Jakarta. 


Senayan City held a fashion event called, Fashion Nation. Fashion Nation event this time, still hold Runway Hits, the performances of selected designers. Senayan City held a prestigious fashion week Fashion Nation Eleventh Edition (FNXI). This Fashion Nation Eleventh Edition (FNXI) present to celebrate the 11th time, Senayan City held this event. Fashion Nation Eleventh Edition will have a theme called Nouveau which means new or recent. It also describes the design of the three designers on the opening night FNXI such as Andreas Odang, sapto djojokartikoand Yogie Pratama.



LaSalle College Jakarta is an International Design School. A study path to stay ahead in one of the most competitive industries. LaSalle College Jakarta will prepare and equip the students in the face of the fashion industry with the skills required by an innovative designer.

Fashion business department from LaSalle College Jakarta will present the performance from PLD (Private Label Development), PLM (Private Label Management) and Enterprise student to enliven the event. These subject incorporate on the Fashion Nation event aims to show the results of the final project work of students. This collection was discovered and developed by group of student from each subject, with various idea and trend from each brand.


Young emerging designers who collaborate with FNXI
Amite, VNASH, Nervioso, Alta Femme, Understated.
Rozse, HeSheMe, TVARA, Active the label, Maje, Harli Quin, The Author, Mom & Moi , Luxeperf.
Retronym, Pastiche, Bad Politics, The Art Club.



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