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November 11, 2017
The Fashion Design Department of LaSalle College Jakarta has recently organized a trip to Shanghai, China, from October 11th – 16th, 2017, joined by students and lecturers of FD Department. The main purpose of this trip is to attend the Intertextile Shanghai Apparel and Fabrics/Yarn Expo, the largest apparel fabrics and accessories trade fair in the world. Held biannually every year, it is a comprehensive platform showcase of supreme apparel fabrics and accessories. During this trip, we have also visited several cultural sites and fashion exhibition in conjunction with Shanghai Fashion Week.

With a total of 4553 exhibitors from 29 countries and 74,000 visitors from 90 countries around the world, covered in a 260,000 square meters of space in the National (Shanghai) Center for Exhibition and Convention, it is definitely a massive market for traders, buyers and professionals in the apparel industry.

During this trip, we have also visited museums, markets, cultural sites and fashion center. The day before we went to the Intertextile, we had the chance to visit Condé Nast Center of Fashion and Design, a professional fashion/design center established by Condé Nast, one of the biggest publishers in the world that publishes world renowned magazines such as Vogue, GQ, W, Allure, Glamour, Vanity Fair, etc. The executive director, Domonique Simard, had warmly greeted us and took us for a campus tour, then did an exclusive presentation to us about their establishments and the China fashion scene.

The day after, we went to visit Suzhou Harmony Textile and Crafts Co., a company that specializes in producing handmade Kesi silk tapestry weaving located in Suzhou city. Kesi, or Cut Silk, refers to silk tapestry with cut designs and is a unique Chinese traditional silk weaving technique. A tradition which dates back 3,000 years ago. Kesi uses raw silk as warp yarn, and boiled-off silk as weft yarn. It weaves in blocks according to the outline of the pattern using a bamboo leaf shaped shuttle and wooden comb shaped plectrum. When the outline (weft) meets the perpendicular (warp), the filaments appear to have been scored as if carved by a sharp knife. This technique is known as Continuous Warp and Discontinuous Weft, therefore named Cut Silk (Kesi).

Towards the end of our trip, we had the chance to visit an exhibition “Hello, My name is Paul Smith” a comprehensive exhibition about Paul Smith, a legendary British fashion designer who began his career in 1970. He is renowned for his creative aesthetic, which combines tradition and modernity. His designs are what he calls ‘classic with a twist’. Combined with British sense of humor and eclectic inspirations, producing quirky but not frivolous, eccentric but not silly designs. The exhibition illustrates his biography featuring the history of his early career, simulation of his workshops, office and stores, also his works. We were very lucky that the exhibition was in place during our trip in Shanghai.

Overall, this trip has really inspired the students and lecturers who participated. We hope to be able to share our new experiences and knowledge to the rest of our students and lecturers back home.

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