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Robbi The Favorite Winner of Wardah Fashion Awards 2018

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October 26, 2018

Robbi R Rizky from LaSalle College Surabaya has won the Favorite Winner at Wardah Fashion Award 2018. His ‘REMEDIOS VARO’ Collection leads by surrealism concept for the ‘Unstoppable’ lifestyle in the urban woman for the present time.

Remedios Varo was the name of female surrealism painter which known rebel but still feminine in World War II. Robbi inspired by Remedios Varo’s artwork; Farewell, Gypsy, and Harlequin. The silhouette and the gradations color from that artwork were made he wants to applicate to his collection.

Wardah Fashion Award is the result of the company initiative to provide support for novice fashion designers, especially to help develop their talents and to educate the fashion business so that they can prepare them to become fashionpreneur in the future.

The award was placed at the Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW) Friday (10/26/2018). A total of 12 works from the finalists were presented to JFW 2019 visitors.

Wardah Fashion Award 2018's journey begins with the roadshow in some major cities in Indonesia. Four of LaSalle students who made it to the Grand Final finalists were Robbi Rahmad Rizky, Ghassani Sabrina, Safira Chairunnisa, and Assyifa Sarah.

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