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July 27, 2017

Fashion Business Department of LaSalle College Jakarta participated on the Daily Me with Cotton USA competition on Thursday, July 27, 2017, at Fable SCBD Kuningan Jakarta, with a rehearsal two days prior to the event. Before the event, students went to Argo Pantes for sourcing and choosing fabrics that would be used for their collection. On the event day, the fashion business students competed with several other fashion schools.

They presented their concepts and products in front of the jury panel. After the press conference, students presented their works in a fashion presentation format in front of the jury, guests, and supporters. The event was held to scout young designers in the fashion industry and also to present creative and innovative designs for daily wear garments with high-quality cotton produced in the USA but processed locally.

The process started from last June when Cotton USA supported by CCI (Cotton Council International) and the organizer Nesvara met with the students and faculty during the school visit. Then students from Private Label Management and Private Label Development classes submit their sketches inspired by the use of cotton fabric and also used the trend forecasting resources. After few weeks, we got a notification that 12 of Fashion Business students became the finalists of the competition.

The competition was divided into 3 (three) awards, they were kids, adults, and seniors categories. We would like to congratulate to Raissa Larasati, Fashion Business Student, who won the Adult category. Congratulations also to all students and teachers who participated in the event.

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