Interior Design Singapore Design Trip 2017
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Interior Design Singapore Design Trip 2017

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March 9, 2017

On 09-11 March 2017, 13 students went to Singapore to Visit Singapore Design Week 2017. On the first day, they visited Singaplural straightaway from the airport to see the exhibitions and attend the seminar: Printed Matter – Past, Present and Future. The exhibitions were very interesting, showing some new projects from the local designers as well as international for example from Japan (KYO Project).

After the Singaplural, they went to GOODRICH Global Headquarters and welcomed nicely by Jean and Flora, both of them prepared a presentation room to explain more regarding their products (Wall covering, Fabric, Flooring and carpet). Jean also brought all the students to the warehouse and showing them how the team worked at the back office. Finally, students walked around the gallery at the 1st floor, where many products were displayed nicely.

On the second day, students visited three Interior Design companies, the first one was DP Architect . At DP Architect studio, they were welcomed by Kenny, he was the one who did the presentation, explaining about DP architect and their previous projects. Kenny was also a lecturer at one of universities in Singapore, therefore he gave some informative and useful suggestion for all the students.  Finally, he showed us their working spaces and the restaurant made by DP, called reDPan. 

The second company was Superfat Designs, all the team at Superfat Designs greeted all the students and shared their projects, including the one that won the A+ Award. They presented each concept and how their design process, starting from finding inspiration, creating moodboard, presentation and revisions.

The third company was Klaasen Lighting Design, the team prepared some presentations for the students, showing what actually lighting designer do and how they collaborate with interior designers. This experience gave an important message for the students that lighting is a very important aspect to be able to create a great interior space.

On the last day in Singapore, students visited EDL Gallery, an award winning Gallery for Laminate.  All were greeted by SIew Tiang, one of the sales executives of EDL. They then gave some presentation about their products and the newest one with nano technology. It was obvious why the gallery got an award, because it was designed by one of the famous architect in Singapore and they tried to make the gallery looks nice and yet functional.

From the EDL Gallery, students finally went to IFFS (International Furniture Fair Singapore) 2017. It was a great exhibitions area, where they could find international exhibitors.

 In the middle of the exhibition area, there was a space for seminar. They attended a seminar by SIDS (Society of Interior Design Singapore), discussing about is Multidisciplinary design a way to go for the ASIA. 

Overall, the trip was a great experience, providing a chance meeting with designers and professional practitioners, and seeing new things. See you all on our next trip!

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