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August 20, 2017

LaSalle College Jakarta has successfully held Creative week 2017, this event was held at Food Society Kota Kasablanka Mall Jakarta, August 9th  – 20th 2017.Creative week is a collaboration of all LaSalle College Jakarta programs: Fashion Design, Fashion Business, Interior Design, Digital Media Design, Photography, and Artistic Make Up. The purpose of this activity is to help students in promoting their brand to the public by conducting a mini bazaar which is their final project from Fashion Business Program and also exhibition from other departments.

During the event of Creative Week 2017 in collaborating with Kota Kasablanka Mall, LaSalle College provides the experience and knowledge to the students, especially high school students and the general public with a variety of activities, such as: Young Designer Bazaar, Artistic Make Up Body Painting, Fashion Competition, Live Performance, Furniture Bazaar, and inspiring sessions with some of the greatest teachers in the industry at the Designers Talk Show. 

There are 10 booths of final students who are joined in Fashion Bazaar from Fashion Business program, such as:
1000F (IG: @ 1000fahrenheit)
BUREAUCRAT (IG: @ bureaucrat.rtw)
SABBA (IG: @ sabba.official)
LEONTINE (IG: @minushea_)
acid bones (IG: @ acidbones.official)
Attache (IG: @attache_id)
La voir (IG: @lavoirindonesia)
STILLHUMAN (IG: @ Stillhuman.official)
Kagumi (IG: @ kagumi.official)
Also 2 booths consisting of 3 brands of Fashion Business alumni, including:
Retronym (IG: @retronym_id)
Pastiche (IG: @ pastiche.p)
The Art Club (IG: @the_art_club)

and 1 Booth from Fashion Design alumni consisting of 4 Designers:
Cleanlines (IG: @ cleanlines.official).

Welcoming the independence of Indonesia on Wednesday, August 17th, 2017 LaSalle College Jakarta and Kota Kasablanka Mall were successfully as well in organizing Fashion illustrator Competition 2017. We had almost 60 participants of this competition and had 5 winners to bring home a total prize worth IDR 5.000.000. Right after the competition, there was a fashion show by Fashion Business program.

There was also a book launching by Han Chandra - LaSalle College Jakarta's DMD student. The title is  "Tentang Memaafkan". In this section, there was Artika Sari Devi invited to this event as  a Interviewees.

We truly hope that the students of LaSalle College Jakarta can compete in the creative industries not only on a national but also an international scale. Thank you for everyone who's coming to this event!

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