Young Designers Bazaar and Creative Week 2016 Ellemental
Creative Week 2016 Ellemental

Young Designers Bazaar

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August 29, 2016
LaSalle College Jakarta has successfully held Young Designers Bazaar & Creative week 2016 with theme of ELLEMENTAL, this event was held at Food Society Kota Kasablanka Mall Jakarta, August 10th – 21st 2016. Creative week is a collaboration of all LaSalle College Jakarta programs: Fashion Design, Fashion Business, Interior Design, Digital Media Design, Photography and Artistic Make Up. The purpose of this activity is to help students in promoting their brand to the public by conducting a mini bazaar which are their final project from Fashion Business Program and also exhibition from other departemnts.




During the event of Young Designers Bazaar & Creative Week 2016 in collaborating with Kota Kasablanka Mall, LaSalle College provides the experience and knowledge to the students, especially high school students and the general public with a variety of activities, such as: Fashion Spread Competition, Photography Competition, Interior Design Competition, T-Shirt Styling Competition, Enterprise Project Presentation, 3D Face Tracking Performance, and Body Painting Performance.



The experts in their field also enliven this event by presenting the Demo Make Up by Cindy Meliantha - Professional Makeup Artist and also alumni of LaSalle College Jakarta. Talk Show Interior Design by Ms. Prita Adiyani and Ms. Diana Pratiwi (lectures of Interior Design LaSalle College), Ms. Sara Destariansyah (Founder JakFlo), Mr. Antonnius Thenu (Marketing Manager of Goodrich Global Indonesia), Ms. Fransisca Wungu Inscription (IDEA Magazine editor). Then followed by a fashion show on Sunday 14th and Saturday 20th August 2016 featuring 11 Brands from Fashion Business, they are SINESTESIA, HYUZU,, KIEL, CURVOLOGY, three.D.em, WHIMSICAL, TERRATORY, ALFA LOUNGEWEAR, VITAMIN CREATIVE and LEDERAT.


Welcoming the independence of Indonesia on Wednesday August 17th, 2016 LaSalle College Jakarta and Kota Kasablanka Mall were successfully as well in organizing Merah Putih T-Shirt Design Competition 2016. We had almost 100 participants of this competition and had 6 winners to bring home a total prize worth IDR 12.250.000. Then the event followed performances by one grade PLD (Private Label Development) Fashion Business, the theme of Fashion Show is "INDEPENDENCE DAY" through three sequences: Indonesian Super Hero - Gatot Kaca, Camouflage and Sang Saka Merah Putih.

We truly hope that the students of LaSalle College Jakarta can compete in the creative industries not only on a national but also an international scale.

See you on next events.


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