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May 2, 2018
Creative Show 2018 “NIAN TANA” which also celebrate the graduates LaSalle College Jakarta was held on Friday April 13th, 2018 at Senayan City Hall on the 8th floor. With the theme’s borrowed from the magnificent land of Flores, means homeland; which also means that the collections has atmospheric tunes and motifs close to our hearts.  Welcomed with the Hegong dance, the dance that is a typical Sikka tribal by a group of Ama (father) and Ina (mother) who came directly from Maumere – East Nusa Tenggara. The Ina looks elegant in her bandaged gourd and gauze garments.


On this occasion LaSalle College Jakarta also showcased the 6 programs that we have (Fashion Design, Fashion Business, Interior Design, Digital Media Design, Photography dan Artistic Make Up) worked and weaved together to make “NIAN TANA” event success.


There are three main events, which are: showcasing the best work from programs such as Fashion Design, Interior Design, Digital Media Design, Photography, Make Up Life Installation and designer’s Bazaar from Fashion Business program, not only that there is also a Graduation Ceremony for this year’s graduates of LaSalle College Jakarta, featuring 211 students with 51 students from Fashion Design, 52 students from Fashion Business, 24 students from Digital Media Design, 6 students from  Photography, 19 students from Interior Design and 59 stuudents from Artistic Make Up.  18 students also got an award from LaSalle College Jakarta, divided into 3 categories, which include:

Best Student:
-. Fashion Design : Ellene Alserita Kumala
-. Fashion Business : Regina Dharmawan
-. Interior Design : Jesslyn Fibela
-. Digital Media Design : Vania Rianto
-. Photography : Andreas Soputra
-. Artistic Make Up : Priskila Teresa

Best Portfolio:
-. Fashion Design : Best Mini Collection by Edita Aurelia
-. Fashion Business : Enterprise Project - PASTICHE: Sasqia Putri Wijaya, Nurtfitri Octavian and Yolanda
-. Interior Design : Ariwiratma
-. Digital Media Design : Sheila Wijaya
-. Photography : Kevin Putra Kusmana
-. Artistic Make Up : Sherryn Chandra

Favorite Student:
-. Fashion Design : Prisca Angeline
-. Fashion Business : Carissa Nathania Holy
-. Interior Design : Valencia Wijaya
-. Digital Media Design : Nauval Azhar
-. Photography : Andreas Soputra
-. Artistic Make Up : Andi Pertiwi Fajri Huduri

The night was ended spectacularly by the Fashion Show from the Fashion Design program. Showcasing 123 garment that are grouped into 2 Sequence, which are: ORIGIN and FLORES.     





 Watch the video of the event below!

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