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Collaboration with JAKFLO Academy

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December 7, 2016

On Wednesday, 16 November 2016, Interior design student succeed to make collaboration with Jakflo academy at Swiss-Bell Hotel, Kemang. Our students from History of Styles and Interior Design I participated the event; they decorated the table settings mentored by our lecturers, Ms. Prita Adiyani and Pak Bayu Prasetyo. What makes the collaboration interesting not only the big day, however the progress and the back stage were even more exciting.

Back to few weeks before the event, students had the chance to visit VIVERE showroom at Kemang to choose the furniture and accessories they need to décor the table setting. Finally, the table setting will have flower arrangements done by Madam Jacqueline Boerma from Netherland. They were separated into 2 groups, since there will be 7 pieces in total.

That was a very interesting collaboration, where students could explore their creativity with the table decoration and to realize that being a designer, we have to work together not only with other interior designers.

Finally, the event went well; we also have Ms. Prita Adiyani as a guest speaker sharing about “Decorate your Table setting”, which matched with the main title “End Year Sparkles” to welcome the end of 2016!

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