photography programs

The Photography program at LaSalle College offers you the most comprehensive photography program with combination of theoretical and practical training to meet the high standard of professional photography.

In here, the students will learn all the technical aspects of photography from traditional black and white film processing and printing to the latest digital photography both in studio and outdoor. The course will also prepares the students on how to build their own idea from scratch to finished image as well as developing their own unique style in photography.

Our teachers are professional photographers, their experience and knowledge will be a valuable source for students to enter the creative industry. As part of our study program, we regularly organize activities such as inviting guest speaker to class, photography workshop, field trip, and involving the students with photography competitions. And to help the students promoting their works, we will work together with the students as a team to support and organize students photography exhibition at the end of their study.

Your studies at LaSalle College will pave the way to finding work in a wide range of industries, including communications, advertising, fashion, applied arts and interior architecture photography.



  • Roshni RossaFashion DesignLaSalle College | Jakarta, 2017
  • farah jennarInterior DesignLaSalle College | Jakarta, 2017
  • Anastasia JBusinessSurabaya, 2017
  • Windy SetionoInterior DesignJakarta, 2017
  • Windy SetionoInterior DesignLaSalle College | Jakarta, 2017
  • erika kurnia lieInterior DesignJakarta, 2017
  • Iqbal DeogratiasInterior DesignLaSalle College | Jakarta, 2017
  • Iqbal DeogratiasInterior DesignJakarta, 2017
  • erika kurnia lieInterior DesignLaSalle College | Jakarta, 2017
  • erika kurnia lieInterior DesignJakarta, 2017