Interior Design

LaSalle College Indonesia

Do you have a great interest in the interior? Do you like to process the form and space? If yes, then join in LaSalle College , here we will learn about the process a variety of shapes, materials, colors, textures and lighting in interior planning a project, starting from a simple project such as residential, to more complex such as commercial store, hotels even a museum.

Lasalle College will establish a career as a professional interior designer, the way we support students to get internships in various companies Interior consultants, and Lasalle College actively in the membership HDII (Indonesia Society of Interior Designer) is incorporated in the APSDA (Asia Pacific Space Designers Association)



  • Deborah JuniatiInterior DesignJakarta, 2017
  • farah jennarInterior DesignJakarta, 2017
  • farah jennarInterior DesignJakarta, 2017
  • Evelyn SellyInterior DesignSurabaya, 2017
  • Septian NandoPhotographyLaSalle College | Jakarta, 2017
  • Windy SetionoInterior DesignJakarta, 2017
  • edita aureliaFashion DesignJakarta, 2017
  • Jessica SherenBeautyJakarta, 2017
  • Rezki Kurniawan HadiInterior DesignJakarta, 2017
  • Rezki Kurniawan HadiInterior DesignLaSalle College | Jakarta, 2017