Fashion Design

fashion design

Fashion Design at Lasalle College is the study path to stay ahead in one of the most competitive and fastest changing global industries.

This program will prepare you for the fashion industry and equip you with the necessary skills of an innovative professional as a designer and/or patternmaker. The course curriculum is a reflection of the diversity of the fashion world, and will familiarize you with all the various aspects. In the Fashion Design program students will cover theoretical and academic classes as well as the creative and practical process of successfully producing original collections in world where it is required to stay ahead of the continual changing of styles and trends.

With state of the art equipment and facilities; strong ties with the industry; and lecturers with extensive experience in the field and a solid curriculum, the fashion design program at LaSalle College is the perfect study path for every aspiring designer.



  • Deborah JuniatiInterior DesignJakarta, 2017
  • farah jennarInterior DesignLaSalle College | Jakarta, 2017
  • farah jennarInterior DesignJakarta, 2017
  • Evelyn SellyInterior DesignLaSalle College | Surabaya, 2017
  • Septian NandoPhotographyJakarta, 2017
  • Windy SetionoInterior DesignLaSalle College | Jakarta, 2017
  • edita aureliaFashion DesignJakarta, 2017
  • Jessica SherenBeautyJakarta, 2017
  • Rezki Kurniawan HadiInterior DesignLaSalle College | Jakarta, 2017
  • Rezki Kurniawan HadiInterior DesignLaSalle College | Jakarta, 2017