Artistic Makeup Intensive Courses

If you have the passion to pursue Artistic Makeup, but don’t have the time to acquire the necessary skills and are unsure how to start your career, LCI Education Intensive Courses will provide you with the Makeup knowledge that you’ve been looking for.

Artistic Makeup Intensive Courses


Introduction to Makeup. Duration: 30 Hours
To develop students’ abilities to understand the basics of makeup and to recognize different facial shapes.

Correction Techniques. Duration: 30 Hours
To familiarize students with different types of makeup and train them to work with shading, lighting and correction techniques.

Basic Makeup. Duration: 30 Hours
To provide students with the basic technical tools for personal hygiene and appearance, daily makeup and events. It also familiarizes them with the different options available in the makeup industry.

Photo Makeup. Duration: 30 Hours
To study, recognize and put into practice the different technical aspects of photo makeup and to understand photography theory.

Fashion Makeup. Duration: 30 Hours
To acquire the ability to do fashion makeup for catwalks and photography and understand editorial and high fashion makeup.

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