Seminar Interior Design with Iwan Sastrawiguna

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 | By LaSalle College Indonesia

Celebrating the pedagogical day at LaSalle College Jakarta, we invited one of the well-known Indonesian interior designers, Pak Iwan Sastrawiguna.

 interior design seminar

The talkshow was casual, he shared about his experiences as an interior designer, “it was not an easy path being interior designer, but you have to focus and try your best, so people could see that you have strong characteristics and you do not give up easily.”

He also mentioned that education is also important if one who is willing to be an interior designer, because it is different with interior decorators that are able to buy products and directly apply it into a room. Interior Designers have a more complex design process. Pak Iwan has started his own company since 1999 and as seen on his website, he has categorized his design into classic, contemporary and ethnic. Besides its timeless, classic could give much inspiration for the contemporary design. He also used local fabrics and motifs into his installation and design, he stated that Indonesia has rich cultures and therefore it is easy for us to go to another city to find inspiration both in fabrics as well as the interior design.

Overall the talk-show was great; the interior design students were not only interior design students but also fashion design department.  The students also have the chance to talk directly to Pak Iwan after the event. Hope to see you again Pak Iwan at LaSalle College Jakarta! 


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