Sekala Creative Show 2016

Tuesday, March 29, 2016 | By LaSalle College Indonesia

LaSalle College Jakarta Annual Creative Show “SEKALA” 2016 on April 15th 2016 at The Hall Senayan City.


sekala 2016 

“Sekala” is the theme of our creative show 2016 also graduation celebration where 130 graduates of LaSalle College Jakarta showcase their design pieces through variety of activities; fashion show, interior design installation, digital media design exhibition and photography exhibition, artistic make up exhibition, and also interactive installation. Through this creative show, we hope audience will be able to witness and experience the holistic concept of design. Offered by Fashion Design, Fashion Business, Artistic Make Up, Interior Design, Digital Media Design, and Photography Program.

The event will be divided into 2 sessions. The first session is a graduation ceremony in the afternoon. In this session, will students will be officially inaugurated, and we will give the awards to our best students of each program. The second session there will be a fashion show where Fashion Design graduates showcase their own collections. Outside the hall, there will be also exhibition from various programs such as: artistic make-up exhibition, Digital Media Design exhibition, photography exhibition, interior design installations. Fashion Business program also install Fashion bazaar.

The inspiration of “SEKALA” comes from the richness of ancient and traditional Bali. Blessed with beautiful nature, the island of Bali is an endless source of creative inspirations. A recent visit to the indigenous Bali Aga Tribe. Bali Aga is the roof of the Balinese culture as we know today, that embrace the power of nature and its beings. LaSalle College Jakarta decides to return to the heritage, to the traditional root. The essence of a tradition never really disappears but always reincarnate in different shapes, colors and sounds.

You can buy Sekala Creative Show’s ticket at LaSalle College Jakarta campus. The price: Public - IDR150.000 , High School Student - IDR75.000 . 

See you on the show!


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