Photography Program Trip to Bromo 2016

Wednesday, May 25, 2016 | By LaSalle College Indonesia

Photography program of LaSalle College Jakarta recently conducted a four days and 3 night trip to Bromo from March 19th – 22nd 2016



This trip is a journey of photo hunting that performed by photography students who visited some of the tourist attractions in the area of east Java and Bali. The purpose of the photo hunting is to teach the students in taking photos of landscape with natural objects. There are about 12 students of photography and one teacher who participated in this trip. Some beautiful places such as Baluran Park, Ijen crater, Menjangan Island in the area of Bali, and also Bromo Mountain.


The first day, all the participants set off on Thursday at 5 a.m from Soekarno-Hatta Airport heading to Surabaya about 1.5 hours. After landing at Juanda International airport, the participants were immediately picked up by the tour team to go directly to the Baluran Park area about 6 hours. Heading to Baluran, we stopped at a place to eat that called with the white sand restaurant. After nearly six hours of travel, we finally arrived at 4 p.m in the padang savanna national park Baluran. The place is very beautiful and stunning, the participants of the photo hunting whom immediately took the spot for photographing the natural beauty. We were also heading to the lighthouse to take the overall picture from the top of the savanna. After approximately about 2 hours, we finally returned to the residential house to take a rest, cleaned up and had dinner that had been provided by the tour team.


The next morning around 8 a.m, we went to the second place that is Menjangan Island by driving a speed boat about 1 hour. The view is very beautiful to be visited, not only for the photo shoot itself but we also did water activities such as swimming in the ocean and snorkeling. We almost spent about 6 hours to do a photo hunting. After 4 p.m, we went to home for a showered, ate and prepared our stamina for the next trip to the Ijen crater. At 11 p.m we got up and got ready to go to the Ijen crater and took about 2 hours from the house. We got there around 2 a.m, and then we went up the mountain to see the sun rise and blue fire. To go up to the summit of the mountain passable quite tired and had a lot of energy, we spent approximately 3 hours in order to get there. Not all participants could follow the journey to reach the top of the mountain, there were about six people who gave up in the midst of the journey. Once there we had the opportunity to take photos of sun rise, craters and blue fire which is amazing. Around 8 a.m we went back down the mountain and headed straight to the hotel in the Bromo area.

Arriving at the venue of Bromo area, we immediately took a rest and had a dinner because of at 2 a.m in the morning we must had been getting ready to go to the Bromo peak to see the sun rise and see the Bromo crater. We got there about 4 a.m and all participants were very excited even though the weather was very cold, because they were looking forward the sun rise moment in the Bromo Mountain. After taking pictures of the sun rise, we all went down to the Bromo crater area and took a picture around the crater and desert sand. At 10 a.m we all finished and back to the hotel to get ready return to Jakarta. The practice of hunting photo this time is very memorable for the photography student, because they did not just go to one place but they went to several places at once. Hopefully photography student can do their job like this in other cities. 



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