Interior Design Diorama Workshop

Thursday, March 03, 2016 | By LaSalle College Indonesia



 interior design workshop

Maquette is a familiar thing in interior design, it is a prototype of design whether it is a room, house or even a bigger project. The purpose is to show our design with scale, so that people could imagine the dimension, not only visually. At LaSalle College Jakarta, this will be learnt at three dimensional Organization class.  To make it interesting, we invited a guest who is well-known in Action Figure and Diorama society.

seminar interior design 

First of all, our guest, Reza, showed his work and explained how he did the works. Next, our students started to follow the steps, however they could always developed their own creativity. The theme was urban, industrial design with the size that has been determined. The most essential things about this workshop are: The materials are easy to find with affordable price and the student experienced to create a real texture with color themselves.

seminar interior design 

Overall, the workshop was a really an exciting experience for all interior design students. At the end, they started to take many pictures of the dioramas and create a situation with the props. You can also find more pictures at instagram #dioramalasalle

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