Interior Design Department Visited AIA Office in Jakarta

Monday, June 13, 2016 | By LaSalle College Indonesia

Interior Design Department visited AIA office in Jakarta


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Last semester, interior design students and Ms. Anita Dian Ekawati from interior design studio 3 class (office project) experienced a visit to AIA Central office at Jl. Jendarl Sudriman. AIA office design was really interesting and it was designed by CDA International. Before student do the design phase for the office project, they have to survey an existing office and do some observations, for example how to connect the design with the company profile, to observe the relation between each departments and etc.

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It was a great chance for our students to meet directly with the designer, ibu Feriesca Sarah and ask questions. We could have a tour around the office; the design was really nice and proper.

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By visiting this office, the students could develop their design as well as the creativity. Nowadays, office gets more playful so the staffs could work more effective and efficient, it does not have to be stiff and too formal. Thank you AIA and CDA international!



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