Interior Design Students Joined the Terrarium Workshop at Alska

Monday, April 11, 2016 | By LaSalle College Indonesia

For the final assignment for Color Theory and Practice class, students are assigned to join Terrarium Workshop.


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Why did we choose terrarium workshop? It is because nowadays, people are craving for nature, therefore it is also important for the interior design student to be able to decorate the room with plants. There are many architects and interior designers recently using plants or the concept of “bring the outside to inside” in their design for example Ling Hao from Singapore and also Domisilium.

Moreover, it is also the fact that the color practice using three different colors from the triad color scheme which are green, purple and brown. After many theories for the whole semester, it is also essential to go for a workshop, experiencing new things.

Based on Andre Wiredja, who helped us during the workshop, he mentioned that recently there are many projects for interior design, using plants and terrarium. He welcomed us nicely and willing to answer our questions. Before we started the workshop, Andre explained the differences between each plants, there are a lot, and for this workshop we will use cactus and also succulent. One thing that is important is how to maintain the terrarium after we create it. Because plants need to be cared, they need proper sunlight, and of course water.

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After that, we started to create the terrarium, using proper ingredient for the based; we were free to choose the type of cactus and succulent for our terrarium. We also should know how to take the plant without hurting their roots.

Next, we tried to decorate the plants, the tips are choosing the different level (height) for each cactus/ succulent, however it is totally free how to decorate them. Finally we will use white stone or white sands for the top based.

Overall, it was a real fun workshop and finally all the terrariums made by students were also displayed in our exhibition area at CItywalk Sudirman.


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