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Thursday, April 07, 2016 | By LaSalle College Indonesia

Jeans would probably be one of your most worn clothing article that you have. It was originally invented in 1871 by Jacob Davis


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Jeans would probably be one of your most worn clothing article that you have. It was originally invented in 1871 by Jacob Davis as a garment for workers, miners, and other labor intensive jobs due to its resilience property. Together with Levi Strauss he patented his jean design, thus the brand Levi’s was born and became very popular ever since. Many workers opted to use jeans because its thick fabric protects them from heavy physical activities they must endure. Nowadays, almost everyone in the planet has jeans. But instead of used for labor intensive jobs, it’s used for personal style statement.

How many pairs of jeans do you have in your closet? How often do you wash your jeans? These are very common questions, but your answers actually affect global environment. Levi’s claims that to make a pair of jeans nearly 3800 liters of water are used. This begins from growing the cotton crops, processing the cotton into yarn then fabric, dying, washing it to make it look worn (or some might say distressed look). Consumer purchasing the jeans would then wash the jeans every so often after they use it, which means much more water is being used for its maintenance, going from 8.500 to 11.000 liters of water per pair, depending on the kind of treatment it receives. You can just imagine. If one pair consumes that amount of water, how much water is it required to produce jeans for the whole world? Hundreds of billions or more of water are wasted every year.

So the question is, how can we help to save some of the excessive water waste? Many ways. We can start by purchasing an environmentally friendly jeans, such as the ones using organic cotton or the eco-friendly dyes (natural dyes instead of synthetic dyes). Another way we can help is to wash our jeans less frequently. This might sound nasty at the beginning, but really, due to its sturdy characteristics, jeans do not require a lot of maintenance. Therefore, it is alright to wash your jeans after it has been used for several times. Just for statistics, in USA people tend to wash their jeans after twice used. In Europe about 2.5 times and in China about 4 times. Gross? Not really. Nowadays environmental experts in USA are actually encouraging their people to wash their jeans even less frequent in order to save more water. It’s your choice. Save water. Save the world. (Shinta Djiwatampu - Program Director of Fashion Design) - (Photo credit: and



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