Academic Day 2016 - LaSalle College Jakarta

Monday, February 22, 2016 | By LaSalle College Indonesia

LaSalle College Jakarta has launched the first Academic Day on 16th of February 2016


It’s a full-day event dedicated for improving academic experiences and development for both students and teachers, establishing intra curricular activities, such as:

  • Seminar for students
  • Field trip
  • Movie screening
  • Student Council event
  • Teacher training

Fashion Design Program and Interior Design Program collaborated together to hold seminars and movie screening in our SSR Campus. The first seminar in the morning was brought by Love + Flair, one of the most hip online fashion store in Indonesia. They share their story in establishing business with multiple brands in Indonesia.

academic day 2016

In the afternoon, Interior Design Program hosted a talk show with Mr. Iwan Sastrawiguna, one of Indonesia’s reputable interior designers. After the talk show, the students of both programs had a movie screening of Jean Paul Gaultier and Karl Lagerfeld documentaries. Fashion Business, Digital Media Design and Photography Programs had organized some activities for their students in SOB campus. Fashion Business Program had movie screenings. They also invited guest speaker from PT. Gilang Agung Persada, one of leading fashion and luxury goods retailers in Indonesia.

At the same time, they had a talk show by Mr. Jed Doble, from Foodie Magazine. In the afternoon, they had a workshop by Mr. Hendri Yulius from United Nations Development Programme. Digital Media Design Program held a seminar in 3D Animation by Mr. Andrea Rinaldy, a 3D Artist. And Photography Program had movie screening in the morning for their students.

The Student Council had also arranged Valentine Day’s activities. They had free food and beverages for all students the whole day, and they gave personalized notebook and chocolate to all teachers as tokens of appreciations.

For LaSalle College Jakarta teachers, Academic Department had held trainings in pedagogic topics. This is to align with LCI Education network’s commitment to facilitate employees’ professional development, and to allow teachers to socialize with others from different programs.

There were two trainings for teachers in the Multifunction Room:

  1. Constructive Feedback, by Miss Agnes Herawati, Ph.D(cand)
Time: 09-12

  • Explain the purposes and benefit of constructive feedback to assignment/ test
  • Identify the structure of giving feedback
  • Indicate a successful feedback
  1. Say It Like A Pro, by Mr. Bona Sardo Hutahaean, M.Psi., Psikolog
Time: 13-16

  • Describe standards of professional communication in speaking and writing
  • Recognize the importance of clear communication with students
  • Discover issues in communicating with students and how to overcome them

academic day 2016

During lunch break, Academic Department announced Best Teacher Award as part of Teacher Appreciation Week. Since we had Canada-Asia Pacific Summit happening during the previous week, we decide to have the announcement for best teacher done in the Academic Day where all teachers were gathered for training and socializing.

The winners received a certificate and rewards from Mr. Mario Poulin, LCI Jakarta’s Country Director. The award recipients are:

  1. Ms. Ardha Ardea Prisilla, from Fashion Design Program, who is also the winner of 2015 Teaching Excellence Award from LCI Education
  2. Ms. Rini Ida Lestari, from Fashion Business Program
  3. Mr. Bayu Prasetyo, from Interior Design Program
  4. Mr. Romi Fauzi, from Digital Media Design Program
  5. Mr. Filip Paulus, from Photography Program
  6. Mr. Ferry Fahrizal, from Artistic Make-Up Program

Congratulations to all winners! May their hard work and dedications inspire the students to be the best in their respective field!

Everyone had a great time and fruitful sessions during the day.

This exceptional day, a first of its kind in Jakarta, has trigger a great deal of interest from all sides, and during 2016 we are studying the impact of a continuous education program that will provide monthly training opportunities to all teachers, in generic methods in pedagogy, and specific methods in communication. 





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