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What degrees are offered at LaSalle College ?

All 5 schools, except the Artistic Make Up school, offer Advanced Diploma programs whose duration is 2 years. The Artistic Make Up program is a specialized training program with a total duration of 8 months for 2 modules.

How many Intakes are there in a year?

3 times in a year, in January, May and September.

How to register as student?
• To fill in the Application Form
• To pay the Registration Fee and Graduation fee
• To attach copy of High School Certificate/ O or A level Certificate/ Certificate of Kejar Paket C document
• To attach copy of ID Card/ Passport
• To attach Birth Certificate document
• To attach photo of 2 x 3 and 4 x 6 (3 pcs/each)
• To return the Term and Condition document of the payment procedure, stamp 6000 and signed by the student
What makes LaSalle College different from other design school?
• World leader in professional Canadian education
• Strong international curriculum in Indonesia
• Holistic design environment
What is the maximum of student for class?

LaSalle College Jakarta applies the Semi-private method, where a class consists of 15 students maximum.

Is there any Internship program?

The Internship program is conducted in the student’s last semester (semester 5 or 6), which also applies as one of the graduation requirements.

Is there any collaboration with industries?

LaSalle College has always strived to bridge between the students and the industry in its correlation with the Internship program, Field Trip as well as Job Placement for its graduates, in particular. Therefore, this will lead the students to be acknowledged with the professional world in the future.

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